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cretors' innovation center


Cretors offers a pilot plant for snack development and production. It is conveniently located within a  20 minute drive from O’Hare International Airport (Chicago, IL,USA). It can be used to produce savory and sweet popcorn. It can also be used for processing snack pellets and some cereals. We can process from raw ingredients through to sealing cartons of bagged snacks. Small batch processes are available for initial tests and for recipe development. Scale-up can then be done onto the Pilot Lines. While the larger-scale, pilot-lines use air-popping, our smaller test machines include oil-popping options. The Room is air conditioned to ensure product stability and to limit moisture absorption. The packaging machine is also fitted with a nitrogen flushing system to displace any humid air in the snack package before sealing. Customers can ship us their own ingredients or provide us with a list of required ingredients. Cretors can source ingredients locally and then invoice afterwards at cost. Amodern Vertical Form and Fill packaging machine with multi-head weighing system is provided. Products can be packaged at over 60 bags/minute. The output product can be boxed and shipped out for further evaluation at the customers’ own facility.